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Pier 55 is open to all individuals age 55 and over.The Center is handicapped accessible and no one shall be refused access to programs because of race, religion, sex, color, economic status, or disability.

Our mission as Red Wing Area Seniors, Inc. is to enhance, stimulate, accommodate and support ever-changing
and active lives.

Phone 651-327-2255
Mon - Fri  9:00 to 4:00
240 Harrison Street, Suite 2
Red Wing, MN 55066 reception.pier55@gmail.com
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240 Harrison Street, Suite 2,  Red Wing MN 55066
No matter how old we are movement matters. No matter how big or small our movements are, they matter. Research repeatedly shows that moving throughout our day is magical for creaky joints, stiff muscles, lowly spirits, physical and emotional tension, and even for cognitive function.

Moving in safe, fun ways with others makes it even more miraculous! This workshop is for everyone: you, your friend, your spouse, your mom, and your grandchildren. Come to discover safe and fun ways to move during your day (whether or not you already work out) and why it’s so important.

The Magic of Movement Workshop
Saturday, April 11 at 10:30-11:30 am
Workshop Cost: $5.00/person
Healthy Lunch & Nutrition Presentation at 12:30 pm    Lunch Cost: $9.00/person
Full workshop for 2 people who sign up together: $26  Instructor: Tonya Schmitt
Pre-registration by April 6th is required. Registration is limited. Bring your water bottle & dress to move.

Tonya is proud to be RWAS’ Program Coordinator! She is a certified fitness instructor, health coach and yoga teacher.
Tonya’s degrees are in Biology
Bachelor) and Life Science (Master
of Education). She loves to work with people of all ages, inspiring and encouraging them to live healthy.
Time for Flag Watch!
Spring is officially here! That means Field of Honor (FOH)
plans are in full swing
As you know, the Field of Honor is
a beautiful event filled with community energy.  Many hands
make this amazing event happen. For this, we are ever
grateful.  One of the many important volunteer tasks is
keeping  watch over the flags. Those who volunteer often
answer questions visitors have. Daytime holds the most
visitors and being available to them is a gracious gesture.
Alternatively, the most critical time to be covered is from dusk
till dawn. Just having a presence in and around the FOH
encourages respectful behavior and discourages vandalism.

Please consider volunteering for one or more 2-hour
shifts over Memorial Weekend. Whether volunteering
during a busy day with many families at the park, or
during the pre-dawn hours in the stillness of the night,
you are providing a priceless service. Often friends,
couples and families volunteer together, making the
time even more special. To all who volunteer, RWAS
offers much gratitude!  If you are willing to volunteer,
please call us at 651-327-2255 or stop in to sign up.
Flag shifts run from 8:00pm, Friday May 22 through
8:00am Tuesday, May 26.