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Bad Weather Protocol
We want you to be safe this
winter! If bad weather forces us
to close Pier 55 or cancel classes,
announcements will be made
on the local radio stations:
KWNG 105.9 ó KCUE 1250.
Please stay safe in the Minnesota
Jest Aging!  Only $7 in the Gift Shop.
Pier 55 is open to all individuals age 55 and over.The Center is handicapped accessible and no one shall be refused access to programs because of race, religion, sex, color, economic status, or disability.

Our mission as Red Wing Area Seniors, Inc. is to enhance, stimulate, accommodate and support ever-changing
and active lives.

Phone 651-327-2255
Mon - Fri  9:00 to 4:00
240 Harrison Street, Suite 2
Red Wing, MN 55066 reception.pier55@gmail.com
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240 Harrison Street, Suite 2,  Red Wing MN 55066
It is finally one of Ole's favorite times of the year, the Great Fair Get Together, the State Fair. For years Lena has competed with her arch rival Aleen Danielson always tying for the ribbons. This year she has a new trick up her sleeve. Ole on the other hand has been enjoying the fair with his best friend Sven since they were kids; the food, machinery hill, the livestock judging and the farm talk. Ole looks forward to the fair with the same youthful anticipation as when he was young. But, when it  comes time for the judging Lena seems nowhere to be found. Can Ole find Lena in time for the judging? Join the fun as Ole and Lena turn the Great State get together upside down with laughter. Tickets go on sale March 1. Seating is limited to only 80. Donít miss out!
Ole and Lena at the State Fair! Wednesday, August 5th Tickets: $25 on sale March 1.  Dinner served at 5:30 pm
Play starts at 7:00 pm
The Red Wing Area Seniors, Inc. Board of
Directors has decided to increase membership
fees by $2.00 effective immediately.

Individual membership will now be $37.00
Household membership will now be $62.00