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May 2020

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Pier 55 monthly calendar

Letter from the Director

Hi All,
As you can see from the April edition of the newsletter, much has changed and will continue to change. This letter is an opportunity to touch base with all of you on a few things that you likely have questions about, also to highlight the things you can still access, that have been added and ways people can help. Pier 55 is closed until further notice. When we are able to open it will be all over local media to ensure everyone gets that update. Medical equipment lending can still take place by appointment, the coloring contest will go on, May and later activities/trips are still on at this time, Annadee’s Closet is open for shopping and donations. Annadee’s Closet is an essential service so it will remain open as long as possible.

The voice mail and mailbox at Pier 55 will be checked daily so you can still register for trips and other activities, as well as, leave voice messages for concerns or questions. 651-327-2255

If you are in need of WIFI service, you can park in front of Pier 55 and use our WIFI at no cost and there is no password. Thanks to a grant from the MN Department of Health we are going to be adding a new program called Walking with Ease which will be an independent program that can be done at home, more to come on this in the May newsletter.

There are many ways that you can help support Red Wing Area Seniors. One is to maintain your membership. Your continued membership allows us to operating services such as medical equipment lending and keep the organization running, to be ready to open at full strength when the time comes. We recently had a member donate the amount of the exercise punch card she would usually purchase in April, even though we do not have the class available. Donations have been coming in to support our mission and for those we are so grateful! Advertisers that support the newsletter and make it possible are listed on page pg. 10, please thank and patronize them when possible. Continue to designate Field of Honor flags. Continue dropping off or mailing your Family Fare receipts. We can process a lot of these receipts and receive $1,000 for every bundle totaling $150,000 that we turn in. In April, we recognize the national Volunteer Appreciation Week. There is an application included in this month’s newsletter. We have lots of opportunities for you to help and can talk with you on the phone about how you might fit.

It is our hope to continue sending this newsletter out via USPS. In the event that the newsletter needs to go completely online, it would be great to have a lot of your emails. If you would like to be added to our online newsletter list, please email rwasassistant@gmail. (Shirls Perkins).

Finally, I know how stubborn you all can be and during this difficult time that can be a huge asset, if you also make sure to reach out when you do need help. None of us should face these challenges alone and there is no shame in getting help from a neighbor, food delivered from the store, or needing to talk on the phone just to hear a human voice. You are the group most equipped to deal with this challenge by relying on things you already know, use the phone, mail system, baking, repairing items, cleaning strategies, etc. You may be listed as the most vulnerable on all the news channels, however, I know you are the smartest, toughest and most likely to lead us all out of this mess. So, stay safe, stay sharp, and when we are all back together, we are gonna have one heck of good time! :)


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Our mission as Red Wing Area Seniors, Inc. is to enhance, stimulate, accommodate and support ever-changing and active lives.